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Meet Vishal & Shubhi, the faces behind Fit N Stylish. 

We began our online journey in 2016 when we started working as content writers. But soon, we started freelancing and created content for 50+ websites in less than 1 year for national and internationals clients. 

We soon expanded our work and we are currently working as freelance business writer, blogger and online instructor with a base of 899+ students worldwide!

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Our achievements

  • Ezine Approved & Certified Writers
  • We have helped several businesses and brands in creating a content strategy and offered customized content for their blogs, website and social media.
  • Created content for 50+ websites in less than 1 year 
  • Got our blog post ranking on 1st page of Google
  •  Launched “Complete Content Writing Course” & 870+ Students enrolled in 1st month
Blog Posts Written
Online Courses
Students Worldwide

What You Will Find On This Blog?

We both are health conscious and love to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We have found some remedies, tips and ideas that truly work and have helped us in living a healthier and fulfilling life. 

We want to share them with you, so that you and your family can start a healthier lifestyle. It’s our aim to help you in making healthy decisions so that you can lead a better life. 

Through Fit N Stylish, we aim at offering tips on topics including:

Fitness & Health

Beauty: Skin Care & Hair Care

Fashion & Style Tips

Lifestyle: Motivation, Personal Development, Mindset 

& Even More


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