Self Care Routine Ideas: 69 Ways For Taking Care of Yourself

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Self care can really make you feel refreshed and change your vibes. I have always practiced self care ideas whenever I feel the need to rejuvenate myself.

In this post I am sharing the top self care ideas which you can easily do and implement in your routine to pamper or take care of your self.

self care routine ideas

It’s not important that you follow all of these ideas, you can pick those that you feel connected or drawn to. Every one has a different self care routine and we should try to find those ideas that make us feel relaxed and refreshed.

Plan your ideal self care day using these self care ideas that I have shared.

Taking care of yourself does not have to feel huge or high maintenance. You should never feel guilty to practice self care.

It’s one of the most natural and important things that you can do for yourself, so never shy from it. And don’t feel like you are wasting time and should rather do something more “productive”.

Their can be nothing more productive than taking care of yourself, relaxing and setting yourself to perform your best in the coming days or week. And, self care routine is the way to do this.

It can increase your productivity 10 folds.

I have experienced this myself.

You won’t have to put much effort to practice these self care activities. You’ll just require a dairy or journal for some of them. (Even a paper would do the work!)

I like to use a self care planner and journal for this. You can use any journal for this. And here’s the self care planner that I use and absolutely love:

68 Self Care Routine Ideas For You:

1. Clean Your Room: cleaning can make your energy levels go high and it can also help you in feeling more organized and thus, more relaxed.

2. Brain dump: write all the thoughts that you have been holding in your mind (no matter what they are). This will clear your energy and mind to bring in positive and new energy.

3. Practice digital detox and avoid using social media for few hours or days

4. Light candles and do deep breathing

5. Walk on green grass and let go of any negativity in and around you.

6. Water the plants and sing to them (this has proven to help grow your plants quickly!)

7. Write 5 places you want to travel in the coming years

8. Do some stretches to relax your body

9. Massage your feet with essential oil

10. Take a nap

11. Do 15- minute guided meditation (use free youtube videos)

12.Wear your favorite outfit and click some pictures

13. Do a pedicure to relax your feet

14. Write list of goals for the week as if you have already accomplished them (Trust me, this works really well for manifestation)

15. Play your favorite music and dance

16. Listen to relaxing music

17. Watch a trending show on Netflix

18. Go to a museum, or park and connect with the surroundings

19. Learn to make a new dish

20. Spend some quite time in nature or your garden

21. Go for a long walk and observe nature

self care routine ideas

22. Have a relaxing bath with Epsom salts, and light candles

23. Offer food or clothes to someone in need

24. Offer money to someone in need

25. Write a list of 5 things you are thankful for

26. Make a list of clothes and accessories you want to buy

27. Make list of your favorite dishes and meals and make them/order the entire week

28. Mediate and stay silent to cleanse your energy

29. Wake up early and observe the birds, sunrise and feel the calm wind

30. Research something that you have always wanted to but never had the time to look into

31. Write a list of all the places you loved to visit as a child

32. Practice self care sunday by visiting your favorite restaurants and places

33. Read a book

34. Watch the sunset

35. Play with your kids or pet

36. Go to bed when you wish to and sleep in late without feeling guilty

37. Paint your nails and do some nail art

38. Plan an amazing vacation, just to have fun

39. Go for long drives without a destination in mind and listen to your favorite music

40. Sing, dance and rejoice this life you have!

41. Try a new hobby

42. Learn something new: it could be a skill or a new hobby

43. Learn a new language

44. Read about the history of a country or city you like

45. Talk and play with the kids at the park

46. Call an old friend you have been missing lately

47. Talk to an old person and listen to their life experience (This one will make you feel so grateful for everything you have and learn some life lessons too)

48. Spend time with a friend or family member

49. Write your favorite childhood memories

50. Eat something you have been wanting to lately

51. Make a smoothie for yourself: check out these 10 delicious smoothie recipes that offer health benefits.

52. Listen to favorite podcast

53. Watch an old movie you loved as a kid or teen

54. Plan a night out with your friends / spouse

55. Doodle, and draw anything that you want

56. Paint with watercolors (even if you don’t know how. I love looking at the beautiful colors mix. It’s a visual treat, trust me)

57. Do some makeup and wear your favorite dress just because you feel like it

58. Watch videos of cute animals and nature

59. Go out and click pictures of anything that catches your attention

60. Write affirmations to bring abundance, money and peace in your life

61. Set self care time or hour every week as this can make you feel ready for the coming week and increase your productivity.

62. You can also plan a self care week, where your main focus is to care for yourself and everything else is secondary.

63. Such self care sundays or hours can be extremely productive because you release all the negative energies that are holding you and take care of yourself.

64. This helps in cleansing your mind and vibes and helps you get ready to perform better in the next days and weeks.

65. Watch the moon and soak in the positive energy

66. Visualize your ideal life/ day

67. Write 5 things you love about yourself

68. Put on a hair mask or facemask for pampering your hair/skin

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Plan your self care routine and use these ideas for practicing personal care. I hope you enjoyed this self care routine checklist and I would encourage you to try it this week and share your experience. I would love to know!

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