15 Hottest College Halloween Costumes You’ll Want To Steal for 2022

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Looking for the hottest college halloween costumes for this year?

If you want to attend a college halloween party and turn heads, then this post will surely delight you!

One of the most amazing things about fall semester of college is Halloween. It’s so fun, happening and will give you memories to cherish for life. (Take my word, as a recent college grad)

So many events, parties are going on during the halloween weekend and you will have so much fun attending them. Imagine getting dressed for halloween, having fun with your college buddies.

Check this list of 15 hot college halloween costumes that’ll turn heads as you walk into the halloween parties!

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Halloween Costume Ideas 2021: Hottest college Halloween costumes

1. Sun and Moon Costume

This is a super sizzling costume idea for college halloween party. You just need these dazzling golden and black silver skirts, and tops. Also, don’t forget to diy these sun and moon headgears to complete this look!

2. Margarita

Such a perfect group halloween costume for the girlies! If you have margarita loving friends, then recreate this look for halloween 2021.

3. Lara Croft

This is another fun and edgy halloween look for this year. You’ll look super sizzling in this Lara Croft inspired Halloween look.

4. Zombie

This is a really easy to pull, last-minute halloween costume idea. It’s inspired by zombies and you can even improvise it with scary makeup.

You’ll just need black tights, long white tee, red paint and scissors and makeup.

You just need to rip a long tee and add some hand prints with red color.

5. Harry Potter

If you are a Harry Potter fan, then look no further and use this idea to recreate your favorite costume.

This is a really stunning hot halloween costume ideas. All you need is a red tie, black skirt and white button down shirt. Don’t forget the round frames and the famous forehead sign!

6. Powerpuff Girls

Dress up as this popular, iconic cartoon trip this Halloween. You’ll surely turn heads dressing up as superhero powerpuff girls!

7. Lilo and Stitch

Cute, unique halloween costume idea for college girls! Try this is you don’t want to go for a scary look but still want to wear something fun.

8. ’60s Girls

Bring some groove to the halloween party by dressing like the 1960’s. You can easily recreate this look without spending tons. You can even find some classy 60’s pieces from your mother or aunts. Just add these white boots and headbands to bring that vibe back!

9. Sandy from Grease

Another chic and super edgy halloween costume for college party! Recreate this last-minute halloween look with black leather pants, cold shoulder top, red heels and leather jacket. Curl your hair for that bomb look!

10. Angel and Devil

This can never go out of fashion. And this costume idea is perfect to try with your bestie.

11. Britney Spears

Britney Spears fan? Then you can rock this look for halloween party.

12. Chipotle Burrito

Simply adore this idea! If you like Chipotle then you will surely like this look. Just find a metallic silver dress online, or even a pencil skirt.

13. Cop

Get dressed up as a policewoman for this halloween. You get to decide whether a good cop or a bad cop! You can easily get this halloween costume online or offline and be ready to steal hearts!

14. Hot Pirate

Get ready to walk with style and some jazz in this pirate costume. I could not miss to include this one in hottest college halloween costumes. It’s such a chic costume idea for the Halloween party.

15. Cave Girl

This cave- inspired halloween costume will call back the Flintstones to the modern age!

This post was all about hottest college halloween costumes for 2021. I am sure you found some really chic, edgy costumes to try this fall.

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