9 Habits of Women Who Have Incredible Hair

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Beautiful hair is like a crown and it adds to the overall appearance of a women. Some ladies are naturally born with beautiful hair but it’s everyone’s dream to have those shiny, lustrous hair.

Hair care tips: hair care hacks for women. These are the habits of women who have amazing hair.

The way you take care of your hair has everything to do with how your hair looks.

In today’s post we are going to share some of the best hair secrets which women with great hair always follow.

By using these hair care tips, you’ll be able to make your hair look more gorgeous and beautiful. Following these tips regularly is important for seeing a change.

Keep in mind that hair health also depends on what you eat because hair and scalp require nutrition too.

You should provide good care to your hair so that damage can be avoided. These hair care habits will make it easier for you to get those beautiful shiny locks.

9 Hair Care Tips For Beautiful Hair

1. Feeding Your Hair

The hair is prone to dust, dirt and damage and they require extra care. This is especially important if you are outside most of the time due to work or job.

You must eat food items that can give nourishment to your hair and scalp. Not only this, you should also ensure that you oil your hair at least once every week.

Doing this on weekends is much easier and quick.

When you oil your hair the scalp is able to absorb all the essential nutrients and this helps in hair stimulation and growth. Detangle your hair and use coconut or olive oil to massage your hair for 10 minutes.

Let it be applied overnight and wash the next day with regular shampoo and condition lightly.

Start doing this from this weekend itself and you’ll notice that your hair will become shiny, soft and beautiful in few weeks’ time.

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Hair care tips: hair care hacks for women. These are the habits of women who have amazing hair.

2. Use Right Products

Some women who have curly hair, try to use products that are made for straight hair.

This is not going to be good for your hair because products are designed keeping in mind the hair texture and requirements of different types of hair.

That’s why if you have curly hair, please don’t use products which are specifically designed for straight hair.

This will only cause issues to your strands and make them frizzy. Pick the right products that are designed for your hair type.

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3. Give Rest to Your Hair

This may sound strange to some but hair also require some rest in order to heal from the excessive damage that the face frequently.

Women often use chemical filled products, straighteners, dryers and more which damage and weakness the hair. If you use styling products very frequently then give rest to your hair atleast for 1 day in a week.

Don’t apply any heat or styling products that day and simply massage your hair with a good oil for 10 minutes. This will literally give new life to your hair.

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4. No Over Brushing

Some women might think that brushing the hair 3 or more times daily will keep them hair tangle free and healthy. But this is not true.

In fact, over brushing can lead to breakage and weakening of the hair.
It will also lead to more hair fall because the hair roots will get loosened if you over brush your hair.

Brushing your hair twice or just once a day is sufficient and you should never overdo this.

Also, be gentle while brushing and comb gently while you detangle the knots from hair.

5. No Hot Water

Using extremely hot water for washing your hair is the worst habit. Hot water will make your hair dry and frizzy.

Not only this, it will also make your hair fragile and weak and prone to breakage.

Use warm or lukewarm water for washing your hair. But during summer, try to use cold water because it’s really good for adding shine to your hair.

6. Moisturizing

Just like your skin need moisture, your hair needs it too. This is more essential if you live in areas where its windy or dry climate.

Use good serum and leave in conditioner for keeping your hair moisturized.

Another pro tip I would suggest is to use a few drops of non-sticky oil on damp hair after you wash your hair. 

This will lock in the moisture and keep your hair super soft and shiny. Try this tip, I am sure you’ll love it and use it all the time. I like using this non-sticky oil  for this.

7. Massage Your Scalp

Massaging the scalp is great for relaxing and even for hair growth. Use coconut oil or olive oil for this.

But if you want to massage every day without using any oil, simply take aloe vera gel and then apply it on scalp and gently massage.

This will help you in relaxing deeply and it will also help in growing your hair overtime.

Use this two way tip every night before you sleep to pamper your hair as well as have a great sleep.

8. Do Hair Spa

Women who have incredible hair, always take time to pamper their hair with spa. Salon hair spa can be so expensive and they may not always give you good results.

Instead of going to parlors, you can do a simple hair spa at home.

This will give you beautiful soft and shiny hair just like salon hair spa. And the good part is that its extremely affordable and super easy to do.

Side Note: if you want to do hair spa at home and get soft silky hair please check this post. I have mentioned a quick, easy hair spa which you can do at home which has ingredients that can be found easily and it gives you results which are similar to a professional expensive hair spa taken at a salon. Check it here.

9. Get Haircuts Regularly

Dry ends and split ends have to be removed through haircuts. That’s why you should get hair trimmed every 8 weeks or at least once every 3 months.

Getting your hair trimmed will make them look full and thick because it removes the split ends and also give more bounce to the hair.

Without removing split ends, you cannot have long shiny hair. That’s why always trim your hair regularly.

Girls with great hair make sure to follow all of the above tips to keep their hair gorgeous and beautiful.

 So if you want to make your hair beautiful, soft and shiny too, then start building these habits. Don’t forget that women with stunning hair live by these hair care tips for beautiful hair so follow them to get gorgeous hair.

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