You are currently viewing 15 Amazing Benefits of Turmeric Milk & 4 Recipes to Make it

15 Amazing Benefits of Turmeric Milk & 4 Recipes to Make it

It would be right to say that turmeric milk is like an elixir for health. Before you check the recipes to make it, you need to know about the benefits of turmeric milk and how you can use it for improving your health.

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Amazing benefits of turmeric milk that you need to know. You'll also find easy turmeric milk recipes to make at home. Click to know!

Which Type of Turmeric Should You Use?

Turmeric is available in different forms: powered, roots, supplements, capsules and tablets. So which one should you use?

For this specific recipe that I will share, you should use the powered turmeric as it’s the most natural and does not contain chemicals. Supplements and capsules may not show powerful results like the pure, organic turmeric.

I use this turmeric root powder which is organic and free of chemicals. It’s available easily too, and I try to stock up at least an extra bottle just in case.

15 Amazing Benefits of Turmeric Milk  

1. May Decrease Risk of Cancer

Turmeric has an active ingredient, curcumin which could reduce cancer risk. This may isolate the cancer cells. If turmeric milk is taken with ginger and black pepper then it would be certainly more effective for this purpose.

2. Boosts your immunity

Turmeric has got really amazing antiviral properties which gives boost to your immunity and save your body for multiple infections, viral and bacteria.

3. Helps in weight loss

Turmeric has got certain compounds which can help in the process of weight loss.

If you are already following diets and exercises, then add turmeric milk to your weight loss process to boost it further. You can even use low fat milk for this.

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4. Reduces headaches

Turmeric is loaded with so many nutrients and antioxidants which can help in reducing headaches. Regular use of turmeric milk will help in this situation.

5. Soothes joint pains

Among the many benefits of turmeric milk, one of the best ones is that it can help in joint pains. If you suffer from this, then taking turmeric milk daily can help you because not only it will heal your joints slowly but also increase the calcium in your bones.  

6. Better Sleep

To get better sleep, simply take a warm glass of this golden milk.

Turmeric will relax the body and even reduce stress while milk will promote better sleep because it has melatonin & serotonin.

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7. Detoxes Your body

Turmeric can help in purifying your blood and stimulates the blood flow. Thus, helping in removing various toxins from your body.

8. Detoxes The Liver

Turmeric not only cleanse your body but it can also clean up your liver. You can even take a warm glass of water with turmeric in morning to boost the liver cleansing process.

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9. Get Glowing Skin

Turmeric has been used as beauty remedy in India since centuries and it has proven it’s power. Turmeric milk can help you in fighting skin ageing and make your skin young, healthy and spotless.

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10. Increases Brain Power & Memory

Benefits of turmeric milk include better brain power and memory. Some studies had suggested that taking turmeric milk can help in improving reaction time of the brain and boost the memory too as it could help in growth of brain cells.

11. Heals Cuts, Pain & Swelling

The anti-inflammatory & anti septic properties of turmeric can help in healing cuts, wounds. It can even help in reducing swelling in body and join pains.

12. Saves From Infections

Turmeric milk is a great protector from fungus and infections because of the antifungal properties. Among all benefits of turmeric milk, this is a especially important it you catch allergies or cold and cough frequently.  

By consuming turmeric milk you can stay away from lots of bacteria, virals and allergy causing agents.

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13. Improves Your Mood

Turmeric milk will help in making your mood better. So if you having a bad day, take a glass of it to boost your mood.

14. Enhances Digestion

If you suffer from digestion issues, then taking turmeric milk can be beneficial for you.

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15. Improves Your Heart Health

Turmeric milk can boost the functions of heart and even save from heart diseases.

4 Easy Turmeric Milk Recipes

Now that you know about the benefits of turmeric milk, here are the 4 turmeric milk recipes that are easy to make.

Recipe #1. Simple Turmeric Milk Recipe

Boil 2 cups of milk and add 1 tbsp. of organic turmeric to it. Allow this to boil for 15 minutes and then allow to mix and cool. Once it becomes lukewarm, drink it. This would give 1 serving. I use this brand of powered turmeric.

Recipe #2. Turmeric Milk Recipe With Black Pepper

To make this health drink, simply boil 2 cups milk & add turmeric. Also add 1 tbsp of black pepper (powdered) or 2 balls if you are using unpowered ones, and allow to boil. Cool off and drink when lukewarm. Black pepper can help in better absorption of turmeric milk.

Black pepper is extremely beneficial for health. I use this brand of blackpepper for making turmeric milk.

Recipe #3: Turmeric Milk With Ginger

Just like previous recipes, you can have to prepare this milk. But in addition to turmeric, you should also grate and add half inch of ginger.

It would help in enhancing the flavor of this recipe and also help if you are suffering from cough or cold.

If you don’t have freshly grated ginger available, use this powered ginger for this recipe, it works really well.

Recipe #4: Turmeric Milk With cinnamon

Cinnamon when added to the mixture, can increase the turmeric milk benefits.

That’s why if you want to get more benefits from this elixir, then add a pinch of cinnamon or half tbsp on cinnamon when boiling and drink it once it becomes lukewarm.

There are several brands offering cinnamon powered, but after trying a lot of them, I finally stopped searching at this one. It’s a top quality, premium grade powered cinnamon which can be used for this recipe as well as other meals and recipes.

I hope you enjoyed these amazing benefits of turmeric milk and the recipes which you can make to get these benefits.

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Amazing benefits of turmeric milk that you need to know. You'll also find easy turmeric milk recipes to make at home. Click to know!