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Celery Juice Weight Loss: 15 Benefits and Recipe To Make It

Celery juice weigh loss: Is it possible? Hundreds of people suffer from weight issue and try things that can help them in weight loss.

Not many people know that celery juice can actually help in losing weight. 

If you don’t know that it’s actual possible to lose weight using celery juice, then keep on reading.

There are many superfoods found in nature and one of them is celery. It’s called so because of several reasons but one of them is that it can aid in digestion and increase the metabolism.

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In this post you’ll find the easiest celery juice recipe, the benefits of celery, and celery juice weight loss challenge.

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Celery Juice Benefits: 15 Benefits of Drinking Celery Juice

1. Celery Benefits: Helps Fight Infections

Celery is known to have anti-bacterial properties that can help you in fighting harmful germs and bacteria that can develop inside your body.

It has the power to boost the overall body immunity and build up the defense mechanism.

2. Celery Juice For Weight Loss

This juice is called super food for huge reason and that is, it can help in promoting weight loss. Celery juice can detoxify your liver.

This will help in smooth digestion and better metabolism thus, resulting in weight loss. If you are struggling with weight loss, then you should try drinking celery juice early morning.

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Celery benefits: Here are some amazing health benefits of celery juice and how you can make it at home. Read the celery juice weight loss recipe here and its benefits

3. Heals Acne & Pimple

Celery can help in making your skin free of acne and pimples. It can even give you a beautiful glow and make your skin look radiant.

It can protect your skin from UV rays and can even treat eczema and psoriasis.

4. Protects Your Liver

The sodium cluster salts found in celery have substance that are good for the liver. If you want to keep your liver healthy, drinking celery juice on empty stomach is going to be very helpful.

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5. Celery Helps in Maintaining Cholesterol

Since celery juice can clean your liver, it can increase the activity of liver and help in digesting the proteins and fats. Thus, it helps in maintaining a good cholesterol level.

6. Celery Juice Reduces High Blood Pressure

This wonder food can help to stabilize the blood pressure. Since it boosts the liver health, it can detoxify and cleanse the blood and reduce high BP.

7. Helps in Digestion

It can increase the circulation in the intestines and reduce bloating, constipation and water retention. It’s great for improving the digestive system.

8. Celery Juice is Nutritious

It’s a great juice for your health and skin since it has vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin K. Celery is also loaded with minerals like potassium and folate.

9. Amazing Healing Powers

Celery juice has anti-oxidants which can help in preventing cancer cells. Celery can reduce the toxins of your body and boost immunity.

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10. Celery Juice Fights Diseases

Celery juice can help you in fighting the chronic diseases. Since it improves the liver functions, it can help in protecting the overall immunity of your body.

celery juice recipe and benefits

11. Prevents UTI’s

By drinking celery juice, you can protect yourself from Urinary Tract Infections. This juice has antiseptic properties that fights the bacteria that causes urinary infections.

12. Protects From Ulcers

Certain bacteria that’s responsible for causing ulcers can be destroyed by celery juice. That’s why celery juice can protect you from ulcers.

13. Reduces Inflammation

Celery juice destroys the virus and bacteria that cause inflammation.

14. Celery Juice is Low in Calories

The reason why celery juice weight loss is actually possible is because it is very low in calories.

This means that when you drink celery juice, you’ll feel full and you won’t overeat. Since the calories are low in celery juice, you’ll be able to support weight loss.

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15. Celery Juice Controls Food Cravings

Celery juice is low in calories and can even help you in cutting of the food cravings. Some people who drink celery juice notice that they do not get food cravings after drinking celery juice for a week or more.

So if you get excessive sweet tooth cravings then celery juice can be your savior.

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When you should drink celery juice for aiding weight loss?

The best thing is to drink it early morning. By doing this you will enjoy the benefits of celery juice on empty stomach and one of them is weight loss.

Since your dehydrated after sleeping all night, your body will get the hydration back with this juice and even the stomach would be able to digest it very fast.

It’s ideally suggested that drinking fruit and vegetable juice on empty stomach is the best way to extract maximum nutrients and health benefit from it.

Celery juice weight loss: here's how you can use celery juice and lose weight. Also, read to know celery juice recipe and its benefits

People may drink it for different purpose, but if you are planning for celery juice weight loss then it’s best to consume it on empty stomach.

Can I eat celery instead of drinking the celery juice?

Yes, you can eat celery if you want. But if you aim is to use it for helping in weight loss, then drinking the juice is more beneficial than just eating it.

Follow the celery juice recipe that is suggested in the post to get maximum benefits.

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Is Celery Juice Weight Loss Possible?

Yes, it’s possible to lose weight with this juice.

You need to understand that the idea behind drinking celery juice is to help in better liver health which increases the metabolism of your body.

That’s why celery juice weight loss is possible, but it can take time.

How much weight you will lose and how long it will take to see some results would differ from person to person.

Everybody is different and their body may react differently to the celery juice that’s why results will differ.

Celery Juice Recipe: How to Make Celery Juice?

Here’s a quick celery juice recipe that you can prepare easily at your home.

Using organic celery is much better.

  1. First, you should clean it properly and remove any dirt or mud sticking to it.
  2. Cut them into one or half inch pieces so it gets easy to blend. Put into the juicer or blender and then add half cup of water.

Once you blend it, you’ll have a smooth puree. And you healthy celery juice is all ready!

You can add Himalayan salt or rock salt if you don’t like the taste. Once you have it ready, it’s best to drink it immediately.  

Celery Juice Weight Loss Challenge

Celery juice weight loss challenge: Here's a celery juice recipe to help you in weight loss. Also know the benefits of celery juice in this post.

You can follow this celery juice weight loss challenge to increase your chances of losing weight.

But be very careful while using this because it may not be suitable for some people who have certain medical conditions.

So you must concern your doctor before taking this weight loss juice.

Try drinking celery juice every day for a week. Take one-day break after that and continue it for another week. You can keep continuing the celery juice weight loss challenge for a month.

Once you have taken it for a month stop drinking it for a week or 15 days to give a break and then continue.

Drinking celery juice without taking breaks is not advised. That’s why it’s best to take break after consuming the celery juice for 10 days.

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