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9 Ways to Lose Weight For Lazy People

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Losing weight is not an easy thing. This is how most people think about weight loss, and that’s why they are unable to lose weight.

But what if I told you that you can lose weight the lazy way, you’ll be interested to know right?

Having a right mindset towards weight loss does play an important role, but what if you are just lazy to lose weight?

Some people wish they could lose some weight, but they are not able to take actions or don’t know the exact steps they need to take in order to lose weight.

It’s totally understandable that it’s hard for most people to go to gym each day especially when we have such a busy lifestyle.

Sometimes we are simply lazy and don’t have the energy or will to start a weight loss challenge.

So many people have a lazy person hiding inside them which stops them for progressing in different areas of life. I think you could relate to this on some level.

We have to battle this lazy person inside our mind and often times we lose and then don’t take any actions, thus allowing the lazy person inside us to win.

This post is for those of us who have a lazy person inside them, that never allows them to take action and progress. If you want to lose weight the lazy way, then this is the right article you will need.

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Losing weight, the lazy way is possible, but you will have to belief that it’s going to work for you.

Also, it will require to take a little bit of efforts on your part if you wish to lose weight and be healthy. Here are the 9 ways to lose weight for lazy people.

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9 Ways Lose Weight The Lazy Way

1. Say No To Sugar

Sugar is the worst food you could have when trying to lose weight. Cutting out sugar from your diet strictly may not be possible for most people.

So what is the solution then?

Reduce the intake: that’s the best solution that you can follow and apply. Getting cravings to eat sugary foods is normal for most people but giving into that temptation is not good for your body.

When you feel like having a cookie, think about your dream body goals, and imagine it for few seconds.

There are extremely high chances that you’ll leave that cookie on its own.

But sometimes you may not be able to resist, and that’s okay too. If you want to eat it then have it but reduce the amount.

Instead of eating a whole pack of cookies, try to have just 1 or max 2.

This is how you’ll actually reduce the sugar intake in your diet.

Starving and depriving your body is not the solution, reducing the intake is the actual solution to losing weight.

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2. Use the 10 Minute Rule

This rule is a game changer for those who want to lose weight the lazy way.

In fact, this trick is so awesome that anyone can benefit from it.

Whenever you get a craving to eat something, just give 10 minutes to yourself and think that you’ll eat that thing after 10 minutes.

Next, stop thinking about it and do something else: read a book, check your messages, reply to your email, go for a walk, or simply walk 100 steps in your room.

Do anything instead of sitting ideal. You’ll notice that after 10 minutes you’ll either forget about what you were supposed to eat or you’ll lose the interest in eating it.

This little tip is a life changing thing for so many people and it can be used in almost anything in your life.

It’s all about controlling or distracting yourself from the temptation and losing interest in it overtime.

I highly use this rule and I would strongly suggest you to try this if you are trying to lose weight.

3. Have 1 Fruit/ Veggie Daily

Most people eat processed, package foods on a daily basis. This builds up a lot of fat in your body and invites so many ailments.

To break this habit of eating unhealthy food, here’s the best tip you’ll find.

Eat 1 fruit or vegetable every single day.

Yes, that’s all it takes to change your eating habits. Remember that diet plays almost 80% role in how healthy and toned your body is.

So if you feed healthy, natural foods then you’ll automatically notice changes in your body. Try to eat one fruit or vegetable each day.

You can have more than 1, off course and it’s extremely healthy to have a plant based diet.

But some people find it so difficult to eat fruits and veggies that they never eat them and have no option but to eat packaged foods.

These packaged foods have preservatives, sugar, and even chemicals which is not a healthy thing for your body. Shifting you’re eating habits towards fruits and veggies is the best way for lazy people to lose weight.

Pick your favorite fruit and start eating it each day!

Or you can make a simple salad and include different veggies and have a nutritious, yummy and super healthy bowl.

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4. Eat On Smaller Plates

So many people think that they have to eat their food until they start feeling that they are full.

This can make you feel full and satisfied but it increases your weight.

Do not eat till the point where your stomach starts to feel full. Stop eating before you reach that point.

It’s a common habit to pile up the food on our plate so that we won’t feel hungry later on.

This habit leads to over eating and increases the weight.

To remove this unhealthy habit, the simplest way is to use smaller plates for eating. When you use a small plate, you are forced to take smaller portions and avoid over loading your plate.

Having smaller portions means you’ll have fewer calories in your body and this will help you in not increasing your body fat even further.

By eating in a smaller plate, your mind will be tricked into thinking that your stomach is full.

If you are planning on losing weight the lazy way, then keep this tip in mind whenever you have your meals.

It’ll make a ton of difference in your body and stop you from over eating.  

5. Stop Eating Breads

Breads are tasty no doubt. They are even more tempting if you top them with peanut butter or cheese spread.

But they are not going to be helpful for you when you are trying to lose weight the lazy way.

Breads will increase your carbs. Not only this, it takes so long for your body to digest the bread.

Avoid having bread as it will help you in shedding weight. If you are too fond of it, try to eat brown bread instead and slowly try to reduce the consumption of bread totally.

6. Set Eating Habits

Developing the right habits is easy and can help you a lot in losing weight. Like I stated earlier, set a habit of eating 1 fruit or veggie each day.

Likewise, you can set more habits that are healthy for your body.

One great habit is to eat your last meal or dinner before 8 pm.

Ideally it’s suggested to eat your final meal before 7 but if it’s too early try to eat before 8 or 9 pm.

Remember, that you should eat your dinner at least 3 hours before your sleep. This gives ample of time to your body to start digesting.

I would also suggest you to read this post where I have shared 12 lifestyle habits that will make you healthy. These can be additional tips that you can include when you want to lose weight the lazy way.

I have tried most of the tips that I share, and they have worked wonders for me.

That’s why I suggest you to go through this post and I am sure it will help you making your lifestyle healthier.

Also, I highly recommend you to plan your meals so that you can eat a balanced diet and get all the nutrition’s through your meals. Check this 49 page meal planner here: (click the image)

weekly meal planner printable

7. Never Starve Yourself

It’s a mistake to think that you can lose weight by starving yourself and going on a no eating diet. Eating smaller portions is better when you wish to lose weight.

Theirs’s no point in starving yourself to lose weight because it will damage your body functions.

Instead of this, choose to eat healthy, avoid sugar and packaged foods, exercise for just 10 minutes a day, and develop something healthy lifestyle habits.

Depriving your body from nutrition is never a good way to lose weight. Changing your body by eating right and exercising is the ultimate and the best way to lose weight.

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8. Detox Your Body

By eating processed items and fast food, our body starts to store toxin substances inside. This leads to slower digestion and can cause different body issues like stomach ache and fat build up.

The solution is to detox the body using natural ingredients. I have mentioned 3 easy homemade drinks that you can try for detoxing your body.

Read that post here.

9. The Walking Rule (Only 10 Minutes)

People generally lie down after eating their meals. This leads to fat build up in the body because the food does not get digested properly.

Set a rule for yourself to walk for just 10 minutes after you have your meals. You don’t have to walk immediately after eating.

But make sure you walk within 1 hour of having the meal.

When you walk for just 10 minutes after eating your body is able to perform the digestion process properly and all the air that you swallowed along with your food gets released.

This leads to better and faster digestion of food. And your body does not allow the food to get stored up as fat or starch. If you want you can even take longer walks for 20 to 25 minutes.

It’s a very simple thing you can do for your body and it can actually make you healthier.

10.  Burn Calories Daily

Losing weight, the lazy way is possible and you can speed this up by burning some calories every day.

Just by doing a simple workout like yoga, jogging, walking or 10 minutes of jump rope can help you in burning extra calories.

If you want a quick and easy home workout then check our (insert post( .

Additionally, you can aim at walking certain number of steps each day. For example, you can walk 1000 or 2000 steps every day.

When you wish to lose weight, walking 10k steps in a day is recommended. But if that is too much, then aim for little.

But do something to burn those calories because it’s that’s one very important aspect of losing weight.

Just take out 10 minutes of your day to exercise and shed off your weight. Even if you are lazy, it’s just about sparing 10 minutes to heal your body.

You can be lazy during other times, but take out just 10 minutes in your day because only you can make your body healthy.

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I hope you enjoyed and found these 9 ways to lose weight the lazy way really helpful.

Next, I would suggest you look at these 5 Morning Habits To Lose Weight

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